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Fear vs Anxiety

Often the symptoms of fear and anxiety can get mixed up. Here are some examples to help you know the difference.

Fear Anxiety
Threat is present and identifiable Yes No
Evoked by specific cues Yes No
Connection to threat is reasonable Yes No
Usually episodic (specific onset and offset) Yes No
Overall quality of an emergency Yes No
Overall quality of sustained vigilance No Yes

When a problem with anxiety develops it takes our perfectly natural evolutionary defence system and hijacks it so that we become generally anxious, socially anxious, phobic, obsessively compulsive, traumatised after an event (PTSD) or suffer from sudden panic attacks.
In the other sections we have information on each specific hijacking and how it can be helped.


Types of Anxiety

Everyone experiences different types of anxiety and different reasons for it. Take a look at each section to find out more about each type and how they affect people in different ways.